Natalie Hold - Research Lead

I was involved in the previous EFF Welsh fisheries project and am the Project Manager for the Sustainable Fisheries Wales project. In addition I will be leading on the Crustacean research. I have experience in fisheries science research, specialising in shellfish. My PhD researched the spatial variation in reproduction in scallops around the Isle of Man and also studied the genetic connectivity of scallops. I lead the research in to the use of cameras on pot-fishing vessels to gather scientific data and this will be continued in the current project. I have an interest in quantitative and statistical analysis and will be applying these skills to develop stock assessment methods for crustaceans.

Alec Moore  - Crab, Bass and Ray Post-doc

I am a postdoctoral scientist researching brown crab, bass and rays around the Welsh coast to understand aspects like their reproductive biology, bycatch and migrations, all with the aim of having sustainable fisheries.

I did my PhD through Bangor on sharks & rays, and have previously worked widely on commercial fishing boats around the UK and in the South Atlantic.  I’m also interested in the historical marine ecology of Wales: what we used to catch, often long before living memory, to better understand how fisheries have changed over time, and how we might restore them to their full potential.

Charlotte Heney - Research Project Support Officer

I am a Research Project Support Officer for the Sustainable Fisheries Wales project. My research background includes collection of biological and sociodemographic data to investigate characteristics, spatial distributions and fisher opinions of subsistence fisheries. This work was done in collaboration with government and local stakeholders to support natural resource management in tropical climates (Cayman Islands and the Philippines). During this project, I am mainly focussed on crustacean fisheries, collecting commercial information through collaborations with the industry as well as aiming to develop non-invasive data sampling techniques with onboard camera systems. This aims to support the development of stock assessment methods.


Adam Delargy - Shellfish Post-doc

I am a fisheries researcher with a strong focus on methods for estimating scallop stock size, including stock assessment.  For my PhD I studied, developed and applied various state-of-the-art stock assessment models and several other analytical techniques to the scallop population in Cardigan Bay. During the Fisher-Scientist Partnership for Sustainable Welsh Fisheries project I will be continuing to collect both commercial and scientific scallop data which will contribute to towards stock assessments and developing other methodologies for monitoring scallops in Wales. This will involve using VMS data, camera sampling, scientific dredging and commercial information through collaborations with the fishing industry. In addition, I will be assisting the development of stock assessment methodologies for both the crab and lobster fisheries.


Harriet Lincoln - Research Assistant and Project Lab Manager

I am a marine ecological scientist and one of two Research Assistants for the team.  I will be helping across the project. I was also a Research Assistant with the Bangor University team during the European Fisheries Funded (EFF) project (2012-2015). Following on from this I have been continuing the seabass research started by Giulia Cambiè during EFF looking at spawning, feeding and migratory behaviour. I am looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones during this next Welsh fisheries project.

Ian McCarthy
PI and Fish Expert



Lewis Le Vay
Co-I and Shellfish Expert



Stuart Jenkins
Co-I, Leads Isle of Man project



Jan Geert Hiddink
Co-I, Scallop and Benthic Impacts


Ros James - Finance and Administrative Assistant

I provide general administrative support, and Finance support, for the Fishers-Scientist Partnership project and other EMFF and ERDF-funded projects within Bangor University’s Marine Centre Wales.